Odakyu Hakone

Hakone Tozan Bus

The Fixed-route Sightseeing Bus

The Fixed-route Sightseeing Bus'Marugoto Hakone-Go'

This bus can be used by boarding at designated stops near the place you're staying between Hakone-yumoto Station and the hotel Kowaki-en.
Because all seats are assigned, you can freely enjoy sightseeing in Hakone while leaving your belongings on the bus.
Listen to a veteran guide explain famous places with peace of mind and at a leisurely pace, letting us worry about transportation connections and times for you. Whether alone or part of a group, fully enjoy the charms of Hakone with this fixed-route sightseeing bus.

The course

Tour various spots in Hakone by bus, pirate ship, ropeway and cable car.
You can fully enjoy the charms of Hakone by following the lead of the bus tour guide.

The fixed-route sightseeing bus Marugoto Hakone-Go is recommended for people who want to tour Hakone in a single day.
The bus guide will show you around famous places in Hakone as you transfer between vehicles, so you can use this service without worrying about the time whether you are part of group or alone.
The guide will tell you all about the charms of Hakone.

All seats have
a maximum occupancy.
Adults Children
5,200 yen 2,600 yen

Note: Passengers should arrange their own lunches.

Days of operation

only on weekends, Mondays and holidays.

Note: Out of service on Jan. 2

Designated bus stops
  • Hakone-yumoto Station
Using the bus
  • Because all seats are assigned, make reservations in advance. (If there are empty seats available, you may reserve one the same day.)
  • Customers who will board at Hakone-yumoto Station should come to Hakone Tozan Bus Yumoto Information Center by 9:50 a.m.
    Click for more on the Hakone Tozan Bus Yumoto Information Center
  • The bus may arrive late because of traffic congestion, so allow plenty of time to board your return train, etc.
  • When the pirate ship, ropeway or cable car is out of service because of the weather, etc., the relevant segment will be covered by bus.
  • Meals are not included with the prices listed above.
  • Hybrid buses may not be used at times because of maintenance, etc.