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  • Information on Using the Hakone Tozan Bus

■Use the front door to board and get off the bus. Pay your fare as you get off.

Please use the front door, so the bus driver can confirm all boarding and exits.

Pay your fare as you get off the bus.

Side display panel

Check Destination

Bus destination is indicated on the front and side display panels of the bus. Please check your destination.

■The Hakone Freepass is great value: board and get off wherever you like!

Hakone Freepass ticket

The Hakone Freepass lets you board and get off the bus at any stop you like. Just show it to the driver when entering and exiting the bus. A Hakone Freepass also gives you discounts at many sightseeing facilities. Tailor your trip to your sightseeing goals!

■Please observe the following points:

  • ●Smoking is prohibited in buses.
  • ●Please do not eat or drink in buses.
  • ●Please fold up baby strollers before entering.
  • ●Please place carry packs etc where they will not inconvenience other passengers.

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